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I am more than this

· Personal Growth,Business,Mindset

Do you go around and think like this: I am more than this. I have more to give. I am so much more, than I use in my life today. The good thing is, you are not alone. The betterthing is, if you want to live your potential, you better start now. Now means now. Don’t wait any longer, because the world needs your energy, your inner gift and your full potential.


What happens if you stay in a situation that does not suit you? There are many options for that, but mostly it ends up in a situation, where you are unhappy, you feel to much stress and you might even feel bored. You get tired, the body is not align with your soul’s wisdom. Therefor you feel drained, unmotivated and often empty. In the long run, this might lead to a situation, where you get sick. This is your body’s and your soul’s clear communication to you, that it is time to start to look inside and find out, what your potential is and how to use is. Of course the earlier you start with that, the more time you have to give from your whole personality. The more time you can be totally satisfied and united with your inner true self.


Before you start to act, many people need a period of decision. How to decide, when you are unclear, where you are going? To make a decision you often need to be able to let go of the situation you are in right now. To make a decision can go in an instant of a second or take some time. Decision making can be done in many different ways.

Pro and Con

One of the easiest ways to make a decision is to listen to your inner voice. If the inner voice is not clear enough, you can use the method of „pros“ and „cons“. What speaks for your idea and what not. Look at the results and use these as a help, when you make your choice.

The Future me as an Advisor

Another way to help you move forward is to guide yourself from a future perspective. Imagine you are 90 years old, and you look back at your life. What would you in this age give as a suggestion to yourself in the situation you are in right now? You have the wisdom within.


So when you have made up your mind that you want to live that true authentic person, there is only one thing you have to do. Start to do it now! Take small steps, test, try it out, adapt, take some more steps. One thing though, that you should not do: Don’t wait any longer. Go out there live your potential, live your full true person and make this planet a better one.

Lot’s of love