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3 keys to manifestation

· Manifestation,Mindset,Personal Growth

To create the life we want is possible. We do it every day. Some people are more aware of the process than others. Even Albert Einstein new about the „secret“ of manifestation when he said: „Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.“ The more aware you become, the more magical this process reveals to you.

1. Vision - Image

To create what you want, first you have to know what you want. The clearer the picture is, the more exact you will get your result. To have a strong vision of that which you like to co-create with the universe is key. To stay with that vision until it has manifested. Often we change our minds, doubt occur or we feel fear. This is not supportive to get where you want to go. Fear, doubt and indecision we can say goodbye to now. Believe in yourself and your vision. Put your mind into that vision daily. To create a vision board is a powerful tool to support you in the process of creating the life you want. Van Gogh used to say: „I dream my painting, then I paint my dream.“

2. Connect clear intention with a strong emotion

When the vision is clear our task is to send out the thought into the space and then activate a strong emotion to this intention.. Feel yourself into the situation of your image. How do you feel then, when that what you desire already has manifested? There should be only intentions of flow, and ease. All ideas of controlling or forcing are totally out of the question. Enjoy the process, believe in your own strength of co-creation, have fun and let it just come to you.

3. Live from the end

The vision is clear, the thoughts have been sent out, the heart is in alignment with that picture and totally open. Now you start to live from that feeling. Live from the end. Now you only have to relax and lean in to the life that you create. You might need to do somethings, but only totally aligned activities. No pressure, no controll, now pushing. Flow, ease and joy should follow you throughout the day. All in coherence with your intuition and with that which feels good and right.

Enjoy the process.

In love


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