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What is my purpose?

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One of the biggest and most common questions ever, is the question around purpose. Many people I work with, if it is on the process of finding the next career step or when we work around manifesting the absolute best life, the one question that always comes up, is the one around purpose. What is my purpose? Why I am I here? What is the reason for the talents and gifts I have?

The search for more meaning

The transformation often comes from inside of yourself. We look for more meaning. You are in a position, which from the outside can seem very attractive. The status, the salary and the content of the job, the brand you work for, the people, the boss. It might look appealing, and yet you are not satisfied. You start to search for something more profound, something deeper, something attached to the essence of your existence. There are so many techniques offered out there to shed some light, while you walk this path. My first recommendation to you is, to walk this journey. If you find yourself in an unsatisfied situation, then I urge you to seek, change, walk, develop. Do not wait for it just to show up one day. It is your life and your path to go out and find that light inside.

What do you love?

This question is very simple and yet sometimes very hard to answer. What do you love to do? What did you love to experience as a child? What are you daydreaming about? What are the books and the videos you just love to read? What are the people you admire? Why do you admire them? When do you feel joy and happiness? Answer this question in a journal to yourself for 60 days or more. Every day. Turn this into a daily routine to ask this question: What do I love? Then look back at your own answers after 60 days. You will find some kind of pattern. Go for that. This gives you a very good indication.

When do you experience flow?

We are all individuals with different talents and competences. How are you different? By doing what activities does time and space just disappear to you? You go into a state of flow? What you do just comes very easily to you, it flows. You are in a state of just being yourself and what you do just flows. For another person, what you do right now, might seem like work, but for you this is as easy as it can be. This is one very important clue to finding your own purpose.

Whom do you serve?

To find real satisfaction, we have to expand our mind into our ecosystem. We are all connected it is essential to find out how you can serve other individuals with the experience you have made, with the knowledge and understanding that you have. Go beyond the self. How can you serve others as well? Where can you serve?

I see these three questions on a butterfly. I the middle of the body: „Whom do I serve?“, on the left wing: „What do I love?“, on the right wing: „When do I experience flow?“. I wish you to feel joy in the process of finding your purpose. If you need support, please reach out to me, I would love to serve you on your journey of transformation.

Lots of love.