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Challenge - Money Mindset Issue

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Challenge - Money Mindset Issue?

Why is it like that? You have good degrees, great experience and really know what your are doing. Over and over again, comes this little voice inside your head, telling you: „I can’t charge anything for this service“ or „it’s a friend, so I will give it for free“ or "if I charge something, then only half the price". If you your are one of those yoga teachers or mindful entrepreneurs, who think like this, then you are struggling from the so called money mindset issue.

Well the good thing is, your are not the only one. Even better is the fact that you can do something about it. So here are three steps how to change this thinking.

1. Focus on your haves

Many people focus on what they do not have - on the scarcity on the lack. From today on, focus on what you have and what you are strong at.

2. Use a Money Affirmation

It’s time to reprogram the brain. Sit down and come up with a positive affirmation for the relationship between you and money. Mine is „Money flows easily to me“. "I can charge what I am worth“. Now use your own affirmation many times daily. Say it to your self, say out out loud, put it on the fridge, over and over again. You will see, this will rewire your world totally.

3. Define your price tag from the inside

Sit for your self. Take out a big peace of paper and put it on the floor. Draw a line from CHF 0 to what the world class, best ever yoga teacher or mindful entrepreneur is earning. Stand up, now walk around on that paper. Stop and stand right there, where you feel your price tag should be. Feel from your inside. Feel what your soul tells you that you are worth. It has to feel in line with your inner true self. Then practice to say this number out loud.

I hope that I have helped you to take you one step closer to a strong money mindset.

With love

Catrin - Money Mindset