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Turtle Wisdom

5 things the turtle can teach us for business and for life

· Mindset,Business
  1. The truth is within
    When the turtle feels threatened from other animals, it takes in the head and the legs inside the shell. Inside the turtle finds peace and here it stays calm. This lesson is so important. Stay peaceful, listen inside yourself and be at ease in your own shell.
  2. Get out of the comfort zone and move forward
    On the other hand, a turtle can only move forward by sticking out it’s head. The turtle can’t walk with the head and the legs inside the shell. The expression of sticking out ones head means as much as taking a risk. So as long as you do not stick out your head, take a risk or move out of your comfort zone, you will not move forward or grow in life.
  3. Never forget where you came from
    The location where a turtle comes from, they will always find their way back here. Especially the female turtles. When the time has come for them to lay their eggs, they will travel thousands of kilometers to swim back to the exact beach, where they were born, and lay their eggs here. Use that navigator, when you go out in life.
  4. Reduce your speed and live longer
    Turtles can live up to 180 years. Yes, that is correct. That is a crazy long time to live. Today we humans strive very hard to live longer, but the speed we live at and the need for further, faster, higher, will make us even live shorter lives. Living in this mantra, we can only burn out fast. The turtles belong to the oldest reptile groups in the world. They even date back to the time of the dinosaurs. So live slowly, peacefully, relaxed and live longer.
  5. Life begins at the beach
    Spend time at the beach, if you love the beach. During our time growing up, we have so many things we have to do. Your surrounding, your family, the school, later your job etc. defines very much your priorities. If you find a turtle walking towards the beach and you would turn it around towards another direction. When putting it down again, it will change the direction and walk towards the beach, it’s own set direction. This is such an important learning. Just because other people or situations put you into a certain direction, does not mean you have to go there. If you love the beach, like me, then try to spend as much time at the beach as you can. What ever it is that makes you happy, find that glow inside and move towards your inner direction of joy and love. No matter what.

Source: Picture painted by a Sri Lanka artist Thirusha Abeyewardene. Sold at barefoot in Sri Lanka to support the ocean.