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I choose joy, what about you?

· Mindset,Manifestation,Personal Growth

Everyday when you wake up, you have the ability to choose how and what you think, how you feel and ultimately what you create. You can choose, which road you walk down. Do you normally create your feelings based on the outside world? It is bad weather, rainy and cold when you look outside the window in the morning, how do you feel? Then you put on the radio or the TV and the show goes on; only negative chatter and fear based information. Do you now decide how your day will be? Then a friend call and tell you a rather sad story from the office or from their relationship. By now you are drowned in outside world garbage. You have snapped up energy only from the outside. You feel slightly fearful, full of lack and generally negative. 

Road most people choose

This road 97% of all people choose. It is a path with no conscious mindset, but rather a path of autopilot. If you go down this road for a longer period it can look like something like this: Eating negative energy as a start in the morning, can lead to negative feelings like fear, anger and shame. Fear is expressed through the body as anxiety. If your body and your cells eat anxiety daily, this can turn into a state of dis-ease or a so called sickness. Imbalances can be depression, hysteria or rage. If your body stays in a state of dis-ease for an even longer period you walk towards a total disintegration. You are separated from everyone and everything. Choosing the wrong thoughts and creating bad feelings for a longer time, can become really harmful for us human beings.

Road to joy, happiness and your absolute best life.

Instead please choose some fruitful thoughts in the morning. Do things you love to do (dance, sing, be out in the nature, spend time with animals, read a book, study, go for a walk, have a hot bath), what ever it is you love to do. This is the key to staying healthy. Understand what it is you are about, what it is you love. Invest time and money in your own expansion. When you feel you are expanding, growing, feeling better and stronger this leads to faith in yourself, which manifests as well-being. Well-being is a state of being at-ease, which then helps you to be a deliberate creator of your absolute best life. You are now totally integrated, you are one with all, you feel love and unity.

You are so powerful

When we realize thoughts created in a persons mind, took us to the moon. This is creation. You can do this everyday. Create what it is you want to create. The path though does not start from the outside, the path to your strengths and expansion starts from within. Here you have this extrem powerful docking station called your subconsciousness. If you are interested in creating your absolute best life, then contact me. Now is a good time to invest in your own joy, growth and expansion.

Locking forward to hearing from you.

Lots of love