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Why do I work with affirmations?

· Manifestation,Mindset

I love to work with affirmations. Why? It is a very beautiful way to reprogram your subconscious mind and to create the reality that you desire. What is an affirmation anyway? You can actually compare it to a prayer or to a mantra. It is a very carefully selected wording of a desired state: as in anything you want to be, do and/or have. Affirmations supports you to foster a belief of that state, which you desire.

Unconscious reality

A person with an untrained or unconscious mind lives mostly on autopilot. This means that the old programming from your childhood, from the school, from your parents, from the news or from other unreflected sources dominates the competence or the beliefs planted in your subconscious mind a long time ago. Negative beliefs and inner negative chatter blocks us from creating the life we actually do want. Negative beliefs, turn into negativ thoughts, which turn into negative emotions, which turn into a negative reality and thus negative results. The thoughts become matter or a so called self-fulfilling prophecy. Therefor it is crucial to become aware of what you believe, what you think and what you tell yourself everyday. Do these thoughts support you or block you from creating your absolute best life?

Step 1. Analyze

You can start by analyzing what you say to yourself for a week or two. Write down everything you tell yourself. After two weeks look back at the text. Define one or two areas, where you understand that your belief system and your thinking is blocking you from creating what you actually do want. Often the inner talk can look like this:

„I am not strong enough to do xyz.“

„I am not pretty enough to show myself in a swimsuit.“

„I do not dare to go up on that stage and hold a speech.“

„I have to work hard to earn money“.

„Everybody else has a relationship, but me. I will always stay single.“

Maybe you can relate to some of these comments or to the fact that we believe many things, which are not really true. 

Step 2. Define your future belief

You can decide to use an affirmation for any area in your life. Let say you do believe that you have to work hard to earn money. A new affirmation can then sound like this:

„All day, every day money flows easily to me and grows with me.“

Step 3. Repetition

To affirm a new thought successfully you need to repeat it, over and over. Repetition is key. A very good time to do this is either just when you are about to fall asleep or just after you wake up. Repeat this sentence over and over again. 

Step 4. How to be successful with the affirmation

The affirmation does not need to be realistic or reachable according to your reality today. It can be something that you desire. Something that you might think is not possible, but you do desire it really much. The key is to visualize yourself in the situation, where your affirmation has already come true. Here and now you live in that situation. How do you feel? How do you act? How do you live? You have to live with the end result in your mind and with the end results emotionalized. Therefor the affirmation is written in present tense. It is already happening. Repeat, believe, feel, live it!! You will see progress very fast! 

Step 5. Enjoy the process of growth

I really wish you a fantastic time during this process of affirming your future life. I am sure you will enjoy it! You can also use affirmations in combination with other techniques like setting goals or visualization. The key is to first become aware, then to want to adapt and then to use the power of repetition. Enjoy the growth process!!

Lots of Love


P.s. If you need support on this journey, please reach out to me. I love to support you.