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Manifest your absolute best life.

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Everything that we have created was first created in our minds. The inner picture of what ever it is that you want, can get manifested in the physical world. Therefor it is crucial that you keep your thoughts clean. Think only about the things that you want. If you think about your self or talk to your self, if you think about other people or even if you think or talk about things that happen in the world. Be careful with your thoughts, feelings and words, as they manifest.


So if you want to change the world, if you want to see another outcome in this world, start with your own thinking. This will create and change the world. As we know it, all energies in the universe are connected. So your thinking will influence not only your own life, but also that of your surrounding and that around your surrounding. If you practice and create a well established mind, this will have a positive impact on your body, on your emotions and on your energy.

Connected to attract what you want

I you have set up your mind, your feelings, your body and your energy towards a clear intention or desire, anything that you want will come to you. It is now very important to stay in this conscious state with a clear mind and intention. The moment you compulsively change your idea or intention, that which you wanted to attract will not come to you. Stay calm and in a good and joyful energy.

Belief is key

It is also crucial to believe. We human beings always have a tendency to question things. Is this possible or is this not possible? Is this realistic or not? If you judge an idea as not realistic, of course it will not happen. A judgement like that is a clear communication of not wanting. If you want to buy a car, which costs 100. You only have 5 right now. You might think, that you will not be able to buy it. This way of thinking, will not help you to attract what you want. If instead you think, I have 5 now. I know that by the end of this year I have this beautiful car in front of my home. I am sure of it. Which way of thinking, do you think, will support your wishes?

Past and future beliefs

Obviously it is in your past experience that tells you, that this is not possible. Just because you where not able to make this experience in the past, does not mean, it cannot come to you in the future. We let nature or the energies that creates worlds decided what is possible. You focus on what it is that you really want. You feel it, with an extremely good vibration, you own it already, you believe in it. Your desire and thought are aligned and clear, then it will come to you. It is already on the way to you.

Do less

We are used to take action, to make plans and to do all day and every day something. To be booked out, to be stressed and all the time to be busy, that is what we are trained to. Now is a very good time to calm down and start to let go of all the hassle. Align your desire in peace and just be open to receive it. That which you seek, is seeking you too. You are now set up for manifestation of all that your really want in your life.

I wish you a joyful ride!

If you need support in attracting what you want, I love to help you.