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Magic comes from within

· Manifestation,Personal Growth,Mindset

The person you really are comes from deep within yourself. We have a tendency to look outside of ourselves. Often we learn to listen to our family, to friends, to things we learn in the school, to news and magazines. The truth though comes from within. The year begins with marvelous opportunities to set targets, to dream about the life you actually do want, to start that book project, to set the intentions and align all that you are to attract all that you want into your life.


When you do follow that loving instinct coming from within, then you will always end up, where you were meant to be. The inner voice, the gut feeling, that sometimes even very loud guidance of love from within, it will all day every day take you to the right choices, to the right settings and to the right moments. The inside tuition is all for free and sends out it’s vibrations all in love for you. You can call it your inner guidance system. (IGS instead of GPS).


What are your intentions and desires for the next year, for the next decade or even until end of your physical existence of this episode? I suggest you write it down. While writing ideas down, they are visualized and often become more clearer. What is it that you love to be, do and have in your life? Clarity is the first step to come closer to that, which you dream about.

Desires - think from the end
In the business world there is this method of re-engineering. You start with the end in mind. This actually do work fantastically for your personal life as well. Put yourself in the situation of being over 100 years old, you look back at your life. What are those desires that just must have been manifested into your physical existence until then? What are your absolute do wants? By looking back on such a time period, it gives us a different perspective. I suggest you make a list even with 50 ideas or wishes that you have. Write down all your desires.

Targets for this year

Now the intuition has worked with you and co-created all that you are until now. What are your intentions and desires for 2021? What is it that you want to reach? Which goal do you want to reach? Does that goal inspire you to go all in? If the goal seems to be within reasonable reach, then it is not enough? It has to be goals, which really ignites you to engage with your full body, mind and soul. To make it easier to handle, you can now divide this goal into monthly aligned actions or even into daily and half daily portions. What you want to reach within the next year or the next lifetime has to make you feel joy, ease and happiness. Where resistance occurs, it is not the right thing for you. Flow and a feeling of being in love with that which you desire, that is the right essence of your next years pursuits.

I wish you all the best for this beautiful new year of 2021.

Lots of love