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Thank you, Merlin!

An hommage to Merlin, the dog of all dogs, the master of all magicians, the friend of all friends.

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He was my first dog. So beautiful, so wild and yet so soft. A brown fur, brown nose, brown paws and golden brown eyes. Since I was a little girl, I have always loved animals. My first animal was a mouse, that I got from my school friends. Then I bought a guinea pig, with whom I was walking in the leach in the garden in Sweden. After that my brother and I got two rabbits. My one was supposed to be male, but later he turned out to be the lady in the house. Of course after that good start with animals, I wanted a dog or a horse. My family was not supportive of that idea, so I had to turn 37 years until I bought Merlin. He came from Jura, from the village of Moutier. He was used to hearing people speaking French. At that time I lived in Rüschlikon, outside of Zürich. He adapted very fast. He loved his basket, his home, his food. As most of the dogs, he was just happy and loved to snuggle. He opened my heart wide open.

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The office dog

Before getting him, I asked the team what they thought of having a dog around. All team members were very supportive about the idea. Merlin became an integrated team member, Head of Security and Chief Customer Happiness at the office. For some he was the dog, who took away the fear of dogs. For some, he was the dog who drank up the energy drink. For some, he was the ice breaker in the beginning of client meetings. For some, he was the umbrella eater. For some, he was the beautiful Labrador dog-walking companion, when looking for a new dating partner in Zürich city.

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Right time in my life

Merlin came into my life just at the right moment. He was born on the 5th of February 2009 and came to me in May the same year. He was on my side, taking a way many many tears, during the loss of my beloved mum and dad. He stood by me during the loss of other loved souls in my life. He supported me during the transition into new apartments, new jobs and even into new countries. One very good friend once told me: "This dog is your crutch. He helps you to do the things you should do, that are good for you and that you love to do. Without him you would never look after yourself.“

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A crazy happy furry friend

Merlin helped me to realize, that the life we live is meant to be fun. Your heart should be jumping up and down of joy everyday. That is our reason of being. Life is good, joyful and fun. Anybody telling you something else is wrong. Merlin enjoyed life to the max. He loved nature, people, swimming, running, jumping, dancing, eating salmon, turkey and chicken, traveling and so on. Joy is our birthright. As humans, as dogs and as souls.

The four-legged globetrotter.

Merlin was a totally full worthy family member. He was integrated in all activities. He travelled 11 countries together with me including Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Sri Lanka. After arriving to Sri Lanka, he met the beautiful Sinhalese lady Labrador Molly and with her he had 12 awesome puppies, one of which now lives in Switzerland, MowgliJ. My husband and Merlin had a very special and strong bond. Two souls connected over lifetimes and through love. He took his last breath on the 8th of October 2022 in the evening and became 13 years and 8 months.

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His soul is eternal

What happens then? After the exhalation of the last breath? When does life start? When does it end? The body will dissolve, the soul not. The experiences we have had together, they stay in our memories, in our ears, in our hearts. All those beautiful pictures and movies in my head, the strong feelings of fun, of joy and love. This is eternal, universal and multi-galactic.

With love and light, forever yours