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Midsummer - the day of the light

· Mindset,Manifestation,Personal Growth

Today you can enjoy the sunlight longer than any other days of the year. Old traditions still help us to celebrate the light, the sunlight, and the start of the warmer periods. The midsummer time is here. In my home country Sweden, this is a time full of awe. The beauty of the nature takes your breath away. The sun shines till end of times. We cherish the sun, the fertility and love. According to some myths, the magical day of midsummer, is the best day to tell your future. The day is shorter than the night and the ray’s of light warms our bodies and each cell in the nature. The summer solstice is a day of gratitude for the light and the beauty that the light creates. Everyday is a day of light.

Your light

What about you? Do you enjoy to shine? Do you feel comfortable on the stage, in the center shining in the room? To accept the wonderful human being that you are, implies to let your light come out and enjoy the radiation that you create. In certain families, situations or through certain experiences some of us have been taught, that it’s better to not „show off“. This training limits yourself. It keeps you from being that light soul, that you actually were born to be. Today is a good day to remember that. Let down your armor and step out into that golden shimmer. Shine! „Shine bright like a diamond“. Shine! For yourself and for this planet.

Light work

Often in psychology or in coachings we hear a lot about shadow work, but oh so little around light work. I could never align with this input. I therefor urge you to spend more time to let your light stand out. Speak your truth, align yourself with your soul, be who you always wanted to be, live your soul’s purpose. Do you already have any daily, weekly or monthly habits to release all that energy and all your good vibes?

Race your vibration

In a world full of turmoil, social media, distraction, hyper activity, speed it can be a challenge to keep the balance and let the light shine. There are so many ways to increase your vibration. At first we have to become aware of the energy level that we are at. When somebody tells you a sad story, what happens then to your vibration? Are you at all aware of how the outside influences you and either brings you up or down. The more you practice to look inside and be in peace, the more you also learn to balance this out. You can immediately feel, when a topic, a situation, a news, a person or an experience does not serve you. If you become aware of it, try to shift your attention. Racing the vibration always starts with awareness.

Tools to let your light shine

There are so many tools that can help you to increase the vibration and tune in to a frequency that serves you. Here are some tools from me to you:

1. Be in some kind of meditation for a few minutes every day. Close your eyes, listen inside, be with yourself. Let the outside world stay out. At least for a little while daily. Try focus on your breath and let the thoughts go. In the stillness, automatically you can connect to source energy and light. 

2. Practice gratitude - do this daily. Take a few minutes and think about or write down what you are thankful for. The feeling of gratitude and thankfulness automatically helps you to go up on the emotional ladder. By doing this practice feel how you feel better.

3. Do something you love to do. What makes you laugh? When are you having fun? Do anything that makes you feel good from the inside.

Enjoy the ride!

Ha en underbar midsommar.