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The inner dialogue

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We normally talk to many people during one day, but the one person you talk with the most, is yourself. So what you say to yourself is crucial for how you feel, what energy level you have and ultimately how successful you will become.

My inner voice

I started as a CEO of Tradedoubler Switzerland in 2006. We had a negative result, when I took over the business. Two great and very smart guys had already been hired together with the office space. At that time I had no idea about affiliate marketing, performance marketing, CPO, lead generation etc. Shortly after I had started, our Swedish president came for a visit. He asked me: „So what kind of plans do you have with this Swiss entity?“ My answer to him was: „We aim to reach the same profit level als Germany“. Knowing that Germany is 10 times as big market as Switzerland is and some years ahead in the digital development. His answer to me was: „The only thing that keeps you from not reaching this target, is your own mind and inner voice.“ The day I walked out from my assignment as a CEO of the Swiss market in 2012, me and my team, in the very small market Switzerland, had reached our goals.

Nurture the positive inner voice

Generally your inner voice wants to protect you from getting hurt. So it makes up stories:

„No, I can’t do that.“

„I don’t have any money.“

„I will not get that deal anyway.“

„I am too old for this.“

„I am to tired.“

„The person will not like me.“

This inner dialogue can go on and on, unless you break this pattern. You listen to what you tell yourself daily, try to understand, where this comes from, and then start to rewire or reprogram that conversation.

New dialogue

You can even consciously write down the dialogue and start to tell to yourself this. You decide yourself if you want to become rich, if you want to have success, if you want to live that dream life. It’s a decision you make your self. Your inner strength, your power, your mood level, all of this will grow. Celebrate your wins, break free from limiting thoughts and live a life as you have chosen it.


Lots of Love