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My 5 tips on how to stay balanced

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During the times of lockdown, these are my tipps on how to build up a strong immune system and stay balanced. Hope my tips can help you too to stay calm and healthy.

If there is one thing that really helps you to stay balanced, it is the practice of routines. Routines help to shape the person, who you are. Routines also help you to feel like it is just a normal day, even if the times are changing dramatically. During these weeks of lock down my every day practice has been more important than ever. This is what I have been doing daily:

Daily practice of yoga
Every day early morning I salute my yoga mat. I always start the practice with a breathing technique and some stretching, before I go into the asanas. Yoga helps me to move my body, to feel my body and the connect to my heart and my soul. Yoga means just that; uniting. Uniting the inner with the outer, the body, the mind and the soul. By practicing daily yoga it also helps you to increase and hold up high and strong immune system.

Daily practice of meditation
The greatest gift of meditation is the sense of calm and inner peace it brings into your daily life. Meditations opens the way to your consciousness, and therefor your self-confidence increase. The daily practice of meditation reduces the production of “stress hormones”, including cortisol and adrenaline, which improves your immune functions in the body. The daily practice is important, the length of the practice is irrelevant. Rather practice two minutes everyday, than one hour once a week.

Daily practice of journaling
I have a beautiful book, made out of elephant dung paper from Sri Lanka. I write and journal every day. This practice helps me to keep up my creativity, it helps me to let go of topics I do not need any longer, it helps me to plan and to create. Writing in general helps me to put things on paper, i.e to manifest ideas, to become concrete. Writing is a good way to stay balanced. The minimum I write daily is as follows:

  • What is my daily goal?
  • What am I thankful for today?
  • What makes me happy?

Sleeping 8 hours every night
I have always been a fan of sleeping. Luckily I am blessed with a good sleep. I can sleep almost anywhere and I do not need a dark room to sleep. I can sleep in a room full of the Swedish midnight sun light shining in at 23 o’clock. An eight hours sleep is often recommended by many health experts. For me this works well. After an eight our sleep I feel relaxed, rejuvenated, balanced and happy. I also do prefer to go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time. This is for my body very helpful.


What I really enjoy with the time locked in, is the increased amount of togetherness. To be together with your loved once, to eat healthy food together and do things you love to do together. What can be more relaxing than that? To care of your family, your home, your garden, your pets. This is what life is all about.

I wish all of you lots of balance and peace. Stay healthy!

Lots of love