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What is on your wish list?

· Mindset,Personal Growth

We do not have an unlimited amount of time in this physical body. Our soul has, I am sure of. You are here and it is now. What is it, that makes your heart happy? What is it that makes you feel joy from the inside? How much time in the week do you take to reflect upon your own wishes? How many hours in the month do you spend doing the things you really want or being with the people you love?

Stay in the good vibes

To manifest what it is you really want, it is crucial, that you stay in a positive energy vibration. It is so easy to step into a complaining mode, to listen to the negative news in tv and radio or even let the inner critic do the daily talking. An easy method to come into a positive vibrational mode is to answer the question: What are you thankful for? Make a list of all things you are happy to have in your life. Look at the things that are. You will immediately change into being more positive state.

If anything is possible, what would you then do, be or have?

What is it that you always wanted, but still did not have? What is keeping you from fulfilling all your dreams? To get started faster, the idea of reversed engineering can help. Imaging your are at an old age, at the end of your life and you look back at yourself. What are the things, that you must have experienced, to be able to say you have had a fulfilling life? Start now to move into that direction. Make your dreams and wishes come true. You are here to live your best possible life.

Some minutes in solitude

For some people it can be hard to know what they really want. We learn to focus on the outside world. We look at our friends, neighbors and at influencers and copy their ideas. We spend money, buying stuff other people want to have. We spend months and years in a job we don’t really like. For what? Why? We might know what our partner wants for birthday, but for yourself you have no idea. You see the potential in your children, but your own competences and talents are neglected. To find out who you really are and what you want, it is very helpful to stay some minutes every day in solitude and peace. Connect yourself with your inner self, listen, relax. You might be surprised, what knowledge and wisdom you have, and what aspects of your greatness that has an urge to manifest now.

Clarity supports your path

You might be surprised, how fast you get what you want. My mum used to tell me: “be careful with what you wish for, because it will come true.“ Now I hope you will spend some time this week to reflect upon your self, your needs and wishes. What is it that you always wanted to do, be or have? Please reach out, if some of these ideas, helped you to create what you wanted.

With love