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Are you stuck in your career?

Tuesday morning 10 o'clock

· Career,Personal Growth

Welcome back after the holidays. Welcome back to the same job, the same company, the same boss and the same tasks, that you had before the holiday.

Tuesday morning after the holidays

Did you know that you are not alone. Most people do what you do. If you are in a job situation, that you are not really happy with. Most people actually do go on that holiday and try to forget the situation they had in the office before the holiday started. Most people that are unsatisfied at work spend their weekends, holidays and time off as if there was nothing to change. Then the Monday morning comes. Time to go back to work. Most people feel happy with interacting or meeting their colleagues. Then the first Monday meetings start to hit them. The workload, the boss. Back in the same situation as before. Tuesday morning at 10 am most people start to look for jobs again. Until Friday lunch time. Then it is time for fun, family and not thinking about the job.

Ready for change

Tuesday morning that stuck feeling is so strong again, that you start to look for something new. You know your want a change, but you do not know what you are up for. That process sucks out a lot of energy. What do I want? Where am I heading? Sometimes the only thing you want is that somebody else tells you what to do, or that someone offers you a new career chance.

Do the homework

Very often it is not as easy as that. When you are not proactive and listen to the signals, you might end up in a situation you do not want to be in. A situation where this process takes so much energy out of you, that you have not energy left. I really urge you to create space and time for reflection. Be proactive and do your homework. It is your life. It is your choice. It should be joyful at awesome. Invest in yourself and your own happiness.

Ask yourself some question

What is it that I want?

What makes me happy?

Why am I here?

When do I feel joy?

When did I feel flow the last time?

How do I express myself with ease?

Work with a coach

If you feel that this is nothing you can do on your own, then I suggest you look for some support. Professional career coaches support you on the journey to find what it is that really triggers you. They support you on the way to clarity of your next dream job.

Work with me

I have developed a program especially for people in this situation. Please have a look at my career coaching program. You can do this program on your own or in a one2one way. You find all details to the program enclosed.

I love to hear from you.