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Who do you want to be?

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Sometimes our body cling on to an old image of our selves and we just can’t let it go. Why is it like that? Change for us humans happens in different shapes and with different speed. Some people can adapt very fast, for others it takes time to find that new role or identity.

Identity by occasion

Some identities happens accidentally. Maybe you are young somebody offers you a job as sales man or woman, you take it, you don’t have any other idea at that moment of what you want. A few months later, when somebody asks you, suddenly you are a sales person. Was that what you wanted?

Nothing is fix or for ever

The good thing about these unconscious decisions, nothing lasts forever and everything is in flow. Eventually the idea of being a sales person might occur to you as not really the right decision. So you want a change. To become who we are meant to be, we have continually to ask our selfs: Who I am really? What is my purpose here? What I am aimed to do with my time on this planet? Who am I? Maybe even you let somebody help you in this process. Questions like this will help you to find a meaning.

Hanging on to something

After some time in this process, you realize the inner power that you have, and how this process is setting you free. You know now clearly what you want. You have found that purpose in your life and you start your process towards being that person. Very often we have already taken the decision for that change, and even started to walk towards our new „me“, but something inside has not dealt with the change. Your mind is already in that new setting or identity, but your body and soul can’t let go. Here are 5 ideas of how you can help your inner self to move faster towards that person who you are.

5 steps to embrace the new identity of yourself

  1. Ritual
    Make a happening around letting go. Sit down quietly for your self. Your mind, body and soul are focussed on letting go. Be thankful for the old you, and say hallo to the new you.
  2. Now
    Focus on here and now. Try not to look back and not to much into the future. 
  3. Thankful
    Be thankful that you have found out who you are and what you love. Practice thankfulness daily
  4. Vision board
    Make a creative picture with text, photos, colors etc. of your new identity. Hang this beautiful picture in your room, so you can see, touch and feel it daily.
  5. Elevator Pitch
    Make a clear statement for your self about who you are and who you serve. Tell your self this daily. Speak it out loud.