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Are you ready to talk about money

· Mindset,Money Love,Personal Growth

Do you like to talk about money? Do you like to tell other people how much money you earn? Many people are not at all comfortable with even having a general conversation around money. Certainly not talk about their own financial situation. Not even within the family. Why is money such a shameful topic? Why do we not teach the children in the school anything around money? Maybe it’s because it gives us a clear reflection of the inner worth?

Cultural differences

In my life money has always been an integral part of the family conversation. Some of you know, I grew up in Sweden. The culture can off course define the level of which we choose to speak around this topic.

Living from once salary

During 20 years I was employed and most of that time I had one salary coming in monthly from one employer. Before making the decision to start my own company, I had a mindset, that It could be risky to start my own thing. Today, five years later, especially after a few pandemic months, I could not have been more wrong. Today I think, what could possibly be more riskier, that to depend 100% from my income from one source? Total mindshift. Today I run multiple companies in different countries with different focus. I choose to diversify.

Scared of not having enough

In these times, the uncertainty makes many people scared of not having enough money. The thing is, the moment you step into the zone of being scared, that moment you are lacking. In this state it is impossible for you to receive more. It does not matter what it is you want to receive. Money, love, happiness etc. Abundance does not come to a vibration of lack. The more you radiate joy, the more joy you will have.

There is enough for everyone

We are taught, that we have to compete, that there is not enough resources out there. In reality it is our birthright to be happy, fulfilled, abundant and enjoying all that we are and all that there is. Fulfillment unlimited! Could that be something for you? Imagine a state, where all that you want, actually do happen.

Equality and money

Having money, being conscious about having your own money and knowing how much money you are worth is a matter of equality. If you do not care about your financial situation or about how much you actually think you should be earning, well then someone else will decide for you. If this is the case, then you do not take your right of being equal any serious. We talk about having more women as board members. The person who has money decides where to invest. The owners of companies are consequently often board members. No quota needed. Are you ready for this?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Love Catrin