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Follow your Intuition - Fear of falling is due to inexperience

· Personal Growth,My Story

How often do you do something that you are scared of, but actually would love to do? What is that anyway? What have you been thinking about for many days, months or even years, and still did not do? Why do you postpone it?

Let love rule

Fear is the opposite to love. When fear is ruling our world, we are not doing what we actually would love to do. We stay safe. We stay inside the comfort zone and at the same time we think that we will experience all these interesting things, that we deep down we know that we actually want to experience. That will not happen. You have to make a committed soul decision to go for what you love, rather than to play it safe.

Follow your intuition

The intuition is one of your higher faculties. The impulse that comes from your soul, actually speaks very clearly to you. Follow that guidance. This is your inner true self making it self heard. You are meant to follow, that direction.

Bla Bla Bla

Very often, what we listen to is not the impulse, we follow the inner programmed disbelief.

„Oh, I love to take on that new position, but I am not sure I will be able to manage it.“

„I would like to take one year of sabbatical and write that book, that I have in my head, but who will read it anyway?“

„If only they would ask me to do that presentation, I could that, or could I?“

„I would love to work only 60%, so that I can actually do what I love, but who will pay my bills?“

„My own business is what I want, but who will buy from me?“

Can you recognize it? The inner negative voice. It is time to eliminate this endless bla bla bla and start to focus of the positive and what it is you truly want to do. As we all know, the time we have in this physical body is not endless. Choose to do want you love today!

Fear of falling is due to inexperience

One time, when I was traveling to New Zealand with some friends, the impulse just came, that I wanted to go skydiving. The intuition said: go girl! Do it! Then, off course, that inner voice started to chat. We sat down and got some information, before we got dressed for this fantastic experience. On the wall there in Queenstown was a big sign saying: „Fear of falling, is due to inexperience.“ That is exactly what it is all about. When you have done the things, that makes you scared, a few times, you don’t feel fear any longer. You have grown. Now you just do it! It becomes the new normal. That skydive, was one of the most intense experiences in my whole life. I had adrenaline spitting out of each cell of the body for at least a week. Oh, man was I scared before! But it was the best! Such an experience!

I urge you now to go out and do as many of these things as possible. Daily! Follow your impulse and you will experience magic, grow as a person and live your true story!



P.s. Would love to hear from you, when you do or have done one of those things.