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Invest in yourself

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When was the last time you really invested in yourself? Be honest. I mean really invested in yourself. Time and money to grow your inner you. To expand, to live your dreams, to fulfill your inner child’s wishes, to live your full potential, to live the dream life at the beach, to go out and release that urgency that grows inside of you or maybe to just take that important decision. Life gets busy, the family, the house, the friends, the job, all of them, need your attention. Continuously you postpone yourself.

Now is the time 

During the last two years many of us have had a bit more time for introspection. The awareness has grown collectively. The soul’s voice has become louder and louder. You can’t ignore it any longer. It talks to you so loudly. You do not want to live someone else’s life any longer. You do not want to wait until next year. You are ready for expansion and every cell of your body know about it. Even the conscious mind has become aware of the urge for transformation and growth. Is it now day one or one day?

What does it mean to grow?

Growth can come in many shades. If we do not take the time ourselves, sometimes the universe will orchestrate you to grow anyhow. Not always as you wanted or desired. Through an unwanted experience you might get the time needed for you to listen inside. If you already are aware of your wants and urges, the better way is to choose growth yourself. Then the universe do not have to show you the way.

Spend time and money in the area where you need to grow. Sometimes it can be helpful to pay for a coach, that will help you to grow. To grow we often have to go through the area of conform and come out on the other side. For many people to pass that line and go through the so called „terror barrier“ means to take huge steps for your inner growth. If you try to do this on your own, you will most probably stop before and turn back to the comfort of the sofa corner. A professional growth coach will support you and guide you through this process. The fact that you spend time and money on the process will automatically give you a boost forward. It will ignite the leap of growth.

Where do you want to grow?

Are you already aware of the area, where you want to grow? Are you stuck and need the get unstuck? Are you bothered with mediocre results and want to grow much quicker and see results that you are not used to? What is your real topic? Where are you now and where do you want to go?

If you need support in your process, please reach out.

Lots of Love