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The year of speed and lightness

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Happy new year you beautiful souls,

2022 in flow

This wonderful year of 2022 have started in flow. Full of light, sunshine and easy going energy with full flow in full speed. The last two years have given us time for reflection. We have all gone through some kind of transformation. We have had more time at home, less time for travel, more time for introspection and less time with mingle. For most of us this has given us clarity. This year the clarity gained will help us to move forward in full speed. The energy is lighter. The manifestations come easier. If you always wanted to learn more about manifestation and how it goes, now is the right year and the right time. You will see it coming easily and fast.

The coach also has a coach

I know many people they are ready to invest millions of francs in a house, in an apartment, hundreds of thousends of euros in cars, watches, travels and food, but many people do not want to spend so much on their own personal development. Why is it like that? Every week people spend money on the hairdresser, on the nails and on new clothes. All of that for the outside. What about the inner development? To grow in life, to grow in a relationship, to grow in your service to others, to grow as a human being. Is this not worth investing in? Every year I personally set of a big number of money and a lot of time in becoming a better version of myself. I prioritize the inner development. I go over my comfort zone. I invest in me, myself and I. How much time and money will you invest this year in your own personal development?

Creation, unlimited potential and you

Where are you right now? What do you want to create? Which potential do you want to unfold? In my own coaching I do right now, one topic really resonated with me. So let's say you love all about yourself. You love your inner being, your mind, your body, your soul. You fully love and accept all about yourself. 

Question number 1: What is it that you would stop with directly, if you really loved yourself to the fully? 

Question number 2: What would you start doing right now, right here, if you really loved yourself? 

By listening to our inner voice, we create more of that which we are meant to  manifest. By listening to our soul, we express more of the light, that we are here to express. I wish you all the best for this fantastic year of 2022!


Go unlimited.


Go all in.


Create your field of unlimited possibilities.

Let it manifest.



Lots of Love