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Lead with Authenticity

· Leadership,Business

People tend to follow people. Not a virtual reality. There was a time in the internet area, where everybody thought, the future of internet is all about virtual reality, space worlds, avatars and faked identities. It turned out this was not what we humans want. We want the real version. I like this!

True you

If somebody is playing a role, we can feel it. If somebody is true, we also can also feel it. The more true you are to your self and to your audience, the more followers you will have. Even if you go through hard times, stay authentic.

High quality

When I talk to mindful entrepreneurs, I often hear a strong eager to deliver high quality. I will have to make another degree, only then I can deliver what I want. High quality is certainly not bad, but to be successful, you do not necessarily have to be perfect. Your wish to be perfect often takes away a bit of your true personality. We want you to be more authentic and less perfect. We want you to give to the world from your inner self. This competence and wisdom you are born with.

Honesty rules

So when you go out there and lead a group, individuals or teams stay in your own zone. Be yourself, listen inside, stay authentic. If you have bad day, let people know. If you have a hard time, let people help you, if you are in your best setting, shine and lead with your own authenticity.

Lot’s of love