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The importance of setting targets

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Did you set those goals for this year? How did it go? Did you reach them? Very often we do not really take this step so serious. Especially when you are a one man or woman company. You only set the targets for your self. In the head. So who cares anyway. Maybe you are scared to set those targets explicitly, because you think you might not reach them anyway. In most cases though, people are more scared of the success they might have. To shine radiantly for the whole world. Image if you would actually reach exactly what you think and what you want. Well go ahead! The moment you have clearly set a target for your self, the next moment you are closer to reaching those goals then ever.

Management by objectives

In my career I had some experience with setting targets. In the business world you speak about the expression „management by objectives“. It means, that If you have a company goal and you break that goal down to individual goals, and give each employee a clear goal per person and product/service, wow, you will see miracles happening in your team. I experienced this and in my first years as a leader, I was sometimes surprised to see how well it worked out. Humans want to achieve goals and be proud! So if you have team members, please give them clear goals and you will see your company reach what you strive for.


So a goal should be „S.M.A.R.T“ to more easily be doable. Smart means S=simple, M=measurable, A=achievable, R=realistic, T=time-based. This method really works well. Do not try to make things more complicated that they are. Keep your goals smart.

Bigger Goals

That said, smart does not mean small. Set targets that makes you work a bit more. Set targets that feels stretched, but possible to reach. Put these targets on the wall in your office. Every time you come closer to the target, celebrate. It is so important for the inner self confidence to celebrate every time you make a small win, which takes you closer what you want to reach. Be proud! Shout it out and own it into the future!

Break it down

If you set up a stretched target, it might seem like a long way to go. Therefor it is very important to break down your goals. Make small steps. Imagine you want to run 10 Kilometers. That is your big target. Break down every kilometer into a smaller and more reachable goal. Then each step feels easy and doable. Now do the same for your big, smart goal for your business for the next year. 2020 is soon here!

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