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Live that dream life

Many people ask me how I have managed to create that dream life, that I am living. I live most of the year in Sri Lanka, but I also spend time in my two home countries Sweden and Switzerland. To live a life that makes you happy, fulfilled and full of positive energy, that is a decision. Many people stay in situations too long, which are not positive or healthy for them. I know what I am talking about. I also did that, for a long time. Stayed. But my inner wisdom, knew a long time before I became aware of it, that this will change. I changed it!

Know what you want

When you are in a relationship with people you love, it is easy to loose yourseIf. It might be your partner in life, your children or other people you care about so much, that you prioritize their needs before your own. Sometimes it can go so far, that you do not even know, what you love to do any longer. You loose contact to your self. You are have become number xyz in your own life. If this is your situation, I urge you to start to listen inside. Meditation is wonderful. A daily practice of thankfulness, creates miracles. Please have a look at these routines. They might help you as well. A very useful routine is to write down every time you feel happiness. What was it that made you feel that way? When you can see a pattern in what makes you happy, you know what you want.

Grasp the chance, when the dream falls into your lap

Then you have to be ready and embrace your dreams. Very often, we are scared to embrace love or overwhelming feelings. Maybe you feel not worthy of being in this state. Your life feels so right, but you are used to not think and feel in this way, so you might push it away. My advice to you is, to just take that chance, when it falls into your lap. Go and get that dream. Accept what feels good and let your self enjoy life.

Let go

So you decide to a embrace your dream when it comes. It might mean, that you will have to change some things in your life. You might have to step out of your own comfort zone, and do things you have never done before. Quit your job, move to a new place, learn a new language, get a new job, understand a new culture. Letting go is what life is all about. That is life’s task for all of us. At the end, we have to let go. Let go of your job identity, let go of your identity as a sports man or woman, let go of your role as a daughter, wife, husband or brother. You are not your job, your title, your tasks. You are who you are. When it is meant for you, all flows. That is a good sign. Go with the flow. In Swedish we have a saying: „när det är lätt, är det rätt“, which means, if it is easy, it is the right thing for you.

Take action

You know what you want, you have embraced the feelings and are ready to let go of the past. What is next? Just go out there and live that dream. Do the things that makes you feel alive, rocking and happy. Surf your life. What ever you do, do it now!

Lot’s of love from Sri Lanka