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Today I cried

· My Story,Mindfulness

Isn’t life just beautiful. Today I started to cry. I very friendly and open minded fellow came to meet me and my husband at our home in Sri Lanka. The man is Swiss and has just opened up a beautiful hotel close to Galle in Sri Lanka. He comes to us over a cup of tea. We start to chat and as it turns out we have so much in common.

Sri Lanka unites

First of all, this beautiful country Sri Lanka, which I am so thankful to be able to spend many months of the year in. We both love this country, the people, the weather as well as the spiritual and healing energies. We also have a in common, that we believe in this country and have decided to build a hotel activity here. Mostly though the conversation was about yoga, meditation, coaching, finding the true purpose and be able to live your life according to the concept of IKIGAI (Japanese for „a reason for being“).

I cried

Sometime into the conversation, he picked out his note block and showed me that he started to do the daily routines, that I had posted recently in my blog online. He told me, that he do this now for some time and that this is very helpful for him in his life. Oh, my! That touched my heart so much, that I started to cry out of happiness. This was such a wonderful feedback. Thanks so much Andi, for the visit and for showing me that I am doing exactly what my dharma is about.

I am thankful and blessed and so happy that my thoughts and ideas are useful to you guys.

Lot’s of love