• 6 reasons why we should work together

    This is what I believe in and the reason why I think we should align.

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    1. You are unlimited

    I believe that you can create the life you want and that the possibilities to do so are unlimited.

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    2. You choose love

    When you commit to a coaching in my space, you decide to walk on the path of love. Here you meet yourself and others in respect, thankfulness and in love.

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    3. Everything you want is waiting for you.

    You might need a coach to help you find clarity in what you want and to guide you on the path to reaching those ambitions.

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    4. Joy is your birthright

    Today is the right day to do what you always wanted to do. Everyday you decide to go for joy and happiness.

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    5. Ease and flow now

    You want to live your absolute best life, well the in this coaching you select ease and flow as an indicator of the right choices.

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    6. Help to help

    You start now. Today is day one and not one day. You invest in yourself and let me help you, so that you can help others. We are all here to serve.

  • Grow inside. Grow outside.

    Coach - Business Woman - Digital Expert - Spiritual Practitioner - Host

    I strongly believe that we can create what we believe in. Our thoughts fused with energy create worlds. I am convinced that we as human beings are unlimited. It is my mission to support you in your inner and outer growth, help you see your own potential and develop the expansion that you look for. You can do this with joy, ease and while staying in balance. I love to support people to succeed and grow. Accompanying people to reach their goals, live their full potential and grow as human beings that's my passion.

    Coach - Spiritual Practitioner - Host - Business Women - Digital Expert

    15 years of coaching excellent individuals to success and unlimitedness

    20 years within the media business in Switzerland

    10 years fun time as CEO within digital media 

    Building teams and coaching excellence

    Frequent Speaker at various conferences, universities and events.

    Digital Expert surfing on Spiritual Experience

    Hosting retreats for your fun, health and balance in Sri Lanka

    Moderator and Host of the SOM Online Conference - the leading digital marketing conference in Switzerland

    Create your Best Absolute Life. Vibrate - Attract - Manifest

    Sweden, Switzerland, Sri Lanka

    Investor at BoBo's Leisure (PVT) LTD, Sri Lanka. www.bobos.lk - Balancing Holidays in Sri Lanka

    Owner of www.businessfrau.ch

    Owner of www.SRILANKAREISEN.CH