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    Grow inside - Grow outside!

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    I am so happy that you have found me. I strongly believe that we can create what we believe in. Our thoughts fused with energy create worlds. I am convinced that we as human beings are unlimited. Accompanying people to reach their goals, live their full potential and grow as human beings that's my passion.

    It is my mission to support you in your inner and outer growth, help you to see your own potential and develop the expansion that you look for. You can do this with joy, ease and while staying in balance. I love to support people to succeed and grow.


    Love Catrin


  • Work with me

    Where are you? Where do you want to be?

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    Law of Attraction Training

    Manifestation Training for your creation

    You want to learn about the law of attraction You are ready to create the life you want

    You want to master the skill of manifestation

    You consiousness is your interest

    Now is your time for coaching

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    14 Days Ayurveda Holiday

    Coaching and Ayurveda in Sri Lanka

    Travel to Sri Lanka

    Enjoy and 14 days of Ayurveda

    Use this peaceful time for Transformation

    Enjoy 3 coaching sessions during the stay

    Including two online calls

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    Career Coaching one2one

    Private coaching for your next career step

    You are not satisfied in your job

    You know you need a change

    You want a job with more meaning

    You want to use your strenghts and talents

    You want to have clarity to take the next step

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    Coaching one2one

    One private online session

    You have one certain topic to talk about

    Something keeps you stuck

    This is a single hour of coaching

    Your issue is in the center of this hour

    You can book more sessions later if needed

  • The Blog

    For your joy, growth and expansion

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