• Law of Attraction Training one2one

    Manifest - Vibrate - Align - Desire - Attract

    This is you

    You have heard about the law of attraction and want to know how it works.

    You are ready to expand your life.

    You are open to create the best possible magical life you ever wanted.

    You believe that the basis of life is freedom and your purpose is joy.

    You want to attract more money into your life.

    You want to attract many other aspects into your life.

    You are ready for an expansion of your mindset.

    After this program you will know your

    How the law of attraction works

    How to attract your best possible life

    How to manifest what you want into your life.

    How to vibrate - desire - align and attract

    Are your ready to a growth mindset?

    If your answer to this is yes, then please contact me now

    This program serves you with the following content:

    Complete 10 weeks program

    10 hours of one2one coaching

    Weekly new content

    Digital working sheets to print

    Language one2one sessions in English, German or Swedish

    Q&A possibility via WhatsApp

    During these ten weeks you will learn

    Vibrate in the right way

    Set your mind for expansion

    Align your thoughts with what you want

    Attract the best possible life like a magnet

    You want to have a short chat before you book.

    Book an 15 minutes time slot with me now!

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Price One2One CHF 10'000.- including VAT

    Installments is possible

    No refund Policy

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. When can I start this program?

    After a 15 minutes first chat, we both decide, when is a good time to start for you.


    2. Will the coachings be recorded?

    The one2one coachings will be recorded, if you want.


    3. Should I really invest in myself?

    The first priority in your life, is you. You want to grow, now is the perfect time.


    4. Can I have a payment plan?

    Yes, it is possible to pay in two installments (by booking, by start).


    5. I do not have the time right now?

    The right time will most probably never come, if you postpone to live your dream to later.


    6. I do not have the money right now?

    Investing in your self, is the only way to understand your own worth. If you want to change the situation your are in, now is a good time to start.


    Expansion is NOW!



    Manifestation Coaching one2one

    Manifestation Coaching one2one

    CHF 10'000.00
    Complete 10 weeks manifestation training
    10 modules one2one in Zoom
    Weekly new content - Vibrational Excellence
    Individual Coaching - Grow and Flow
    Digital working sheets to print - Joyfully Aligned
    Other resources for download to support during process
    Language in English, German or Swedish
    Private, members only access
    Q&A possibility
    Coming soon