• Feedback from happy clients

    Serving you is my mission! These words warms my heart so intensely.

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    Cecilia Hung, Business Woman, Zürich, Switzerland

    I completed the coaching with Catrin and it helped me to find my next step! I am more conscious aware of who I am, what I am capable of, what strengths I should build on and exactly what I am looking for in terms of personal progression and fulfilling my personal goals and dreams.

    One of my dreams was to start a company, so I also started a business together with my mother during this coaching. We successfully launched our first business. Thanks to using Catrin‘s extensive network, business experience, manifestation techniques, and meticulous guidance we have had a very efficient and structured approach to the launch of our business. I highly recommend you to work with Catrin as your coach.

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    Oliver Stäcker, CEO and Founder of gotomo GmbH, Zurich, Switzerland

    Sometimes it's not about making decisions immediately. More important is to figure out, which options will come up and to learn what's behind those options. Catrin guided me carefully through this process and helped me to see more clearly. During the coaching process with Catrin, I took the decision to found the mobile expert company gotomo GmbH, Zürich.

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    Rubina Tarabocchia, Founder, Manager, Geneva, Switzerland

    I contacted Catrin because I needed a trusted professional, while I was looking for a new job after relocating to Switzerland. She assisted me in to better understand what direction I wanted to take professionally, and how I fit in the new job market. She also had a positive contribution in my personal life, helping me to take actions while focusing on my own personal needs and desires.