• Coaching in Sri Lanka

    Time to start to live your dream life. NOW!

    So you are getting closer to action? If you want to be at a different place next year this time of the year, well then it is time to start to DO.


    One of the opportunities you have, If you want to work with me, is to do it combined with your holidays in Sri Lanka. My husband and I have a Bed & Breakfast in Ahungalla in Sri Lanka. Please check out www.bobos.lk. During 10 days or more you will get ready to rock that boat. We pick you up at the airport and bring you safely back. You can enjoy the sun and the beach, but during the day we will also spend time together and work on you, your mindset, your goals. Where do you need to become unstuck? Are you ready for your own success?


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    Write me now and start the process. catrin.rubenson@gmail.com


    Lot’s of love


    Coaching with me!

    Hi, I am Catrin,

    I am brought up in Sweden,

    I have worked in Switzerland within Digital Media for 20 years.

    I am a businesswoman, a yoga teacher and a coach.

    I love start-ups, ideas, yoga, water, dogs and balance.

    I have started several companies from zero and taken them to a very profitable result.

    I have 15 years of leadership experience

    10 years as a CEO within Digital Media.

    I am married in Sri Lanka and spend a lot of time there.

    In my work as a coach, I focus on serving you to expand and live to the max.