• Career Coaching

    Find the next right step in life

    This is you

    You go to work, but are not satisfied

    You feel that there is more potential, that you can't use today.

    Maybe you have just lost your job and want to know your next step.

    You know you are ready for growth

    You ask your self, who am I really?

    What is my purpose here?

    How can I use my true talents?

    How can I live more closer to my inner personality?

    What makes me really happy?

    What do I really want to work with?

    Which next step should I take in my career?

    After this program you will know your

    Who you are

    Why your are here

    Where you want to go

    Your uniqueness

    Your strengths

    Your passion

    Your talent

    Your story

    Which next career step to take

    Which your next job is

    Are your ready to live a more authentic life?

    If your answer to this is yes, then please have a look at the content

    This program serves you with the following content:

    Complete 6 weeks program

    6 modules as a "do-it-yourself“ online program.

    Weekly new content

    Digital working sheets to print

    Language online program in English or German.

    Q&A possibility via WhatsApp

    During these six weeks you will learn

    To understand what you really want.

    To understand who you really are.

    To understand your strengths and talents

    To understand what is your next step in your career.

    To understand your true story.

    To understand what makes you happy, joyful and in flow.

    To live your passion and purpose.

    You want to have a short chat before you book.

    Book an 15 minutes time slot with me now!

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Price Online Program "do it yourself" CHF 1'200.- including VAT

    Installments is possible

    No refund Policy

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. When can I start this program?

    You can book the course now, pay the fee and start as soon as possible,


    2. Will the coachings be recorded?

    This is an online course, you have all the training material to print out. No recordings.


    3. Should I really invest in myself?

    The first priority in your life, is you. You want to grow, now is the perfect time.


    4. Can I have a payment plan?

    Yes, it is possible to pay in two installments (by booking, by start).


    5. I do not have the time right now?

    The right time will most probably never come, if you postpone to live your dream to later.


    6. I do not have the money right now?

    Investing in your self, is the only way to understand your own worth. If you want to change the situation your are in, now is a good time to start.

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    Andrea Baumgartner 

    Head of Marketing, Zürich

    The online coaching helped me a lot in a difficult time, not to loose my positivity. The coaching process leads you through intensive steps, where life is reflected from different perspectives. Where do you stand? Where do you want to go? What does your heart say? This method has helped me a lot to listen to myself and let my heart speak. You are actively confronted with your story and you learn a lot about yourself and your strengths. I highly recommend this coaching with Catrin. This is for people who want to reorient themselves or just try something different to get another perspective.



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