• Money Love!

    Align - Believe - Receive

    This is you

    Money is a topic you do not like talking about

    You sometimes work for free and feel this is not ok

    It is ok to invest money in your kids or spouse, but not in yourself

    You have one job and one source of income

    You work hard and at the end of the month, there is not much left.

    You don't have enough money, but you would love to have more than enough.

    After this program you will know your

    How to attract money into your life and to your business

    You know how to charge the money your feel you are worth

    You are sure you will reach the set targets

    You know for sure how to grow your business

    You feel confident, focussed and fueled, when you speak about money


    Money Love - Let the abundance flow through

    Are you ready for alignment and abundance?

    If your answer to this is yes, then please have a look at the content

    This program serves you with the following content:

    Complete 6 months program

    12 modules one2one

    Bi-weekly new content

    Individual Coaching

    Digital working sheets to print

    Language in English, German or Swedish

    Private, members only facebook group with 24/7 access

    Q&A possibility in the facebook group for questions and clarity

    During these six months you will learn

    How to tune in to your

    How to grow your mindful business aligned to your story.

    You know your niche and understand the needs of your target group.

    You have a clear strategy, where you want to take your business.

    Build up a business mindset aligned with your heart set and your soul set.

    You have defined your own todos to grow your revenue.

    You want to make money while living your dream

    Book now!

    Doors are open til 1 st of June. Only 5 spots left.

    Price CHF 10'000.- including VAT

    Installments is possible

    No refund Policy

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. When can I start this program?

    After a 15 minutes first chat, we both decide, when is a good time to start for you.


    2. Will the coachings be recorded?

    The one2one coachings will be recorded, if you want.


    3. What if I don't have any business yet?

    That's just fine. We start the process from where you are right now.


    4. Can I have a payment plan?

    Yes, it is possible to pay in three installments (by booking, by start and after one month)


    5. I do not have the time right now?

    The right time will most probably never come, if you postpone to live your dream to later.


    6. I do not have the money right now?

    Investing in your self and your own business, is something successful business owners always do. If you want to change the situation your are in, now is a good time to start.


    7. I'm only interested to work on my relationship to money, what then?

    Well then, you can have a look at the shorter program Money Love. This might be the right thing for you.


    8. I am not sure, I can make this work?

    Well this is the case for many people in the same situation. That's why it's the best solution to get advice, support and coaching.

  • What happy clients say

    Let's work together now!

    Lamiaa Mahmoud

    Yoga Teacher, Mindful Entrepreneur, Egypt

    Business & Bliss Program for guidance to a clear positioning and story.

    Maria Miguel Ribeiro

    Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Geneva, Switzerland

    Business & Bliss Program for growth in her meditation and yoga business.

  • About Catrin

    I am looking forward to working together with you.

    I have worked in different start-ups and have 20 years of experience within digital media. As a CEO I have have taken one company from a negative result to a result of CHF 12 Mio revenue. I know what it means to set goals and reach them. During my whole career, I have used the power of mindset work. Today I work as a coach, yoga teacher, business women and entrepreneur. Are your ready to get aligned with money, then this is the right step for you.


    Let's get started now!


    Best regards



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  • Book now! ONLY 5 spots left

    Grow your business and your bliss!

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