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    Grow your business, live your passion!

    This is you

    You are a business owner, solopreneur, mindful entrepreneur, (yoga teacher, coach, healer, trainer, therapist, designer, writer etc.).

    You are ready to take your business into the next blooming level.

    You want to take the step and start your business and you aim to live solely on this income.

    You believe in energy and are ready to use your inner light to grow your business.

    You are ready to let go of working too many hours and start to attract revenues with ease.

    You always wanted to have a business independent of the location (at the beach, in the city, in the mountains or even in another country).

    You look for a solution how to enjoy your meaningful soul business, see the revenues grow with ease, make a difference for your clients and have fun.


    You are ready to invest in yourself and your business.

    You know you need support to make this happen.

    You know the time is now!


    MyBusiness Unlimited

    Is exactly the right for you if you want

    to start your business or grow your soul mission into a blooming unlimited business independent of the location.

  • MyBusiness Unlimited

    During the 8 weeks program you will learn exactly how to attract the revenues that you dream of with ease and joy. I will show you exactly how I came to live in the sunshine, work remotely from anywhere and still earn the money I want by doing what I love. Join now!

  • MyBusiness Unlimited

    Learn how to build a 5-figure monthly business doing what you love!

    After this program...

    You will learn to open up for money to flow into your business.

    You will learn to define your own unique strategy (your story, your positioning, your targets, your price.)

    You will learn to attract the right clients.

    You will learn to use your intuition in your business.

    You will feel you about your business a will grow your dream business.

    You will learn my digital marketing best practices tools and sell like a goddess.

    You will learn how to make money, by still staying in balance.

    You will learn my best techniques to attract the revenues that you want.

    This program serves you with the following content:

    Complete 8 weeks program

    Live Calls online

    Language in English

    Private, members only facebook group with 24/7 access

    Q&A possibility in the facebook group for questions and clarity

    During these 8 weeks you will learn

    How to build a business that you could live from.

    How to grow your business aligned to your story.

    You know your niche and understand the needs of your target group.

    You have a clear strategy, where you want to take your business.

    Build up a business mindset aligned with your heart set and your soul set.

    You have defined your own aligned todos to grow your revenue.

  • You are ready for transformation!

    Grow your self trust aligned with your revenue. Inner work = Outer expression.

  • Frequently asked Question

    Learn how to build a 5-figure monthly business doing what you love!

    Do you have a question?

    1. What is the program MyBusiness Unlimited?
      It is an personal development program for solopreneurs, business owners, coaches yoga teachers, healers, meditation trainers, Ayurveda therapists etc., where you learn the principles of  business, energy work and conscious creation for the aim of growing your business.
    2. What is the content of this course?
      Business Principles
      Energy work
      Conscious creation
      Digital communication
    3. Do I already have to have a running business?
      You will enjoy this program very much if you are right now starting out or if you have a business. Both ways is perfectly suitable.
    4. How much is this program
      CHF 12'000.- incl. VAT. 
    5. Can I have a payment plan?
      No, we want all participants to pay the total amount before starting. 
    6. How can I pay this program?
      You will have access to pay via bank transfer or PayPal.
    7. When can I start this program?
      You an start this program at any time. If you need to have a clarity conversation, this is possible.
    8. Where does this program take place?
      We meet each other online, right now we use the program zoom. You can start at any time and then listen to the recorded calls.
    9. Are there any recordings?
      During the period of the eight weeks, you have access to the live calls.
    10. What if I don't have any business yet?
      That's just fine. You can start the process from where you are right now.
    11. I do not have the time right now?
      The right time will most probably never come, if you postpone to live your dream to later. 
    12. I do not have the money right now?
      Investing in your self and your own business, is something successful business owners always do. If you want to change the situation your are in, now is a good time to start.
    13. Is this a one2one coaching?
      No this is not a one2One coaching. You have the chance during the Q&A calls to ask your questions. In addition to this you can be a part in a facebook group, where you can ask other members your questions as well.
    14. I am not sure, I can make this work?
      Well this is the case for many people in the same situation. That's why it's the best solution to get advice, support and coaching.
  • What happy clients say

    Join the crowd! Grow your business!

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    Cecilia Hung

    Business Woman, Zurich

    MyBusiness Unlimited

    I completed Coaching with Catrin and it helped me find my next step! I am more conscious aware of who am I, what I am capable of, what strengths I should build on and exactly what I am looking for in terms of personal progression and fulfilling my personal goals and dreams.

    One of my dreams was to start a company, so I also started a business together with my mother during this coaching. We successfully launched our first business. Thanks to using Catrin‘s extensive network, business experience, manifestation techniques, and meticulous guidance we have had a very efficient and structured approach to the launch of our business. I highly recommend you to work with Catrin as your coach.

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    Get a life in freedom with a well running business.

    MyBusiness Unlimited!

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